Asmo Charger

What is an Asmo Charger?

A standard charger consumes electricity when it is plugged in, even if it is not charging the phone. Instead, when the phone is disconnected from the ASMO charger, the power will turn off automatically.This allows the ASMO to be safely left in the socket. So you don’t have to change your ways to save electricity and money or make your home safer.

Vision and the means to achieve it

Our vision is that in the future, this charger will come with every new cell phone sold as a standard charger. We want to support sustainable development, so the chargers have been designed and will be manufactured in Oulu, Finland.With your help, we will reach this goal. Tell your friends, co-workers and relatives about the ASMO charger. Our way of achieving our goal is to make the charger so well-known that cell phone manufacturers cannot help but embrace this charger.